About Roop    

Roop Lakhani is an active mystic professional since 2004.
Her journey began when she undertook the basic Reiki course
in 1993. Over the years, she has learnt from the various masters in the respective fields, as well have assembled her own work through extensive reading and research. She has come a long way to be certified as Tarot Master Consultant and Tarot Master Tutor from World Metaphysical Association - U.S.A.




Roop is an active consultant for:
   1 Tarot Cards
   2 Divine Guidance Cards
   3 Angel Oracle Cards
   4 Runes
   5 Pendulum Dowsing
   6 Numerology
   7 Graphology
   8 Chakra Healing, Body, Mind, Heart, Soul Healing
   9 Colour Therapy
   10 Metaphor Therapy
   11 Hypnotherapy
   12 Past life regression & Future Life Progression
   13 Theta Healing
   14 EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique
   15 Meditation and Affirmation
   16 Body, Mind, Heart and Soul healing.
   17. Vastu And Fengshui Consultation for Offices, Homes, Shops

Through her enriched experience across mystic science, she has developed her own researched 6 decks of Divine Guidance Cards.

The Inner Journey: This book written by Roop Lakhani, allows you to know about our inner world, the chakras which are the centres responsible for our physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual well being. This book will serve the purpose of scanning, cleansing, balancing and aligning of the seven major chakras with the help of affirmation. book

She offers individual and group consultation from her office
in Khar. She has been invited to television shows, seminars, gatherings, events, exhibitions and wedding occasions as a tarot card reader. She is on a panel of banks and multi national companies as consultants for Tarot Card, Graphology,
Numerology and Colour Therapy to make difference in each organization.

Her clients range from various walks of life.
She visits Dubai and few countries of Africa
for consultation and teaching various courses once a year.

She has done shows on NDTV, Sahara Samay.
Neo Sports, ETV for various programmes. She does Runes Reading fortnightly in Femina magazine since 2010. She is a Runes reader consultant at Out of Blue, Bandra on every Wednesday.

Besides being active on chat shows and networking sites, she offers consultation through various modes of communication- internet, video conference, telephone, mobile consultation
as well individual or group appointments by fixing appointment
on +91 98216 12031. She also undertakes certified workshops
and classes to teach basic, advance and professional tarot cards reading besides other courses listed in this website www.tarotfuture.com

For any further inquiries, send email to roop@tarotfuture.com